Yokohama Tsunashima Laughter Club

20 minutes by Tokyu Toyoko line express from Shibuya station. 10 minutes by Tokyu Toyoko line express from Yokohama station.
This is a 3-minute walk from “Tsunashima Station”.
By keeping on a regular basis, smiles will increase in daily life!
 You can participate freely only when you want to come. (Please check the schedule.)
 No need to change clothes. (You can also participate in suits and skirts.)
 you can join with your child or baby. (Baby, children are free to participate



The schedule of closed, etc., is announced on Twitter.

Schedule and fee

Every Tuesday
Fee:¥500(Donation system)
Items to bring: Drinks (You will be Laugh a lot and thirsty.)
Clothing: Suits and skirts are okay. However, since I sweat unexpectedly, I recommend clothes that are easy to adjust temperature.

※ Babies, children are free of entry fee.
※ Because we may be closed due to circumstances, please contact in advance.
※ This club is operated by non-profit, non-political, non-religious volunteer activities.
Donations are made to cover activities fees such as room fee.


Introduction of members


Kazue Sasaki
Laughter name: Wakko. Tsunashima Laughter Club presided over. My home town in Iwate Prefecture.
When laughing a lot at the roughter club in a period when it was not healthy and depressed, I could spend positive to the next week’s Laughter club.
I got a lot of energy from Laughter Yoga.
I hope many people will experience Laughter Yoga which can reduce negative thoughts with the power of laughter and regain their own likeness.
Feel free to come and have fun!
・Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga Laughter leader(NPO Laughter Yoga Japan
・Yoga Instructor Nirmal Yoga TT6
OAD Therapist training course During class
◆ Activity history ◆
・·Introduction of “Yoga that everyone can enjoy with anyone” at the water front research salon. We also performed exercises for Laughter yoga.
Yaga and Laughter Yoga@Diwari in Yokohama 2016
“Tsunashima laughter club” was introduced to the Kanagawa newspaper.


Laughter name
Chiyo chan
Message: My motive behind laughing yoga was “Laughter is good for your health!”
However, it was rather difficult to laugh without reason. At first, there were times when my face was stiff and I could not smile fairly.
“I want to laugh well, I want to laugh naturally, I want to laugh effectively,”, etc.
I was surprised to greedy self.
Do not worry about the details and just laughing, it has become more common to say that “smile is good” or “I always seem happy” recently.
I think that I got used to laughing with laughing yoga. Yes, laughter is used to!
If you smile while moving with a laugh exercise, you can automatically breathe deeply. How to laugh is free. Everyone can smile easily without having to tell!
Still, the laughing effect is tremendous! You can taste exhilaration by being open to the body and mind.
A woman (and a man) passed by 60th birthday, and if he had a grumpy face, people will not come back.
I aim for a good laughable aunt (grandma?) I am laughing as I become an innocent 5 year old child this week (^ ^)


Laughter name
Yossy kun
In the stress society, the opportunities that can make you laugh really are infinitely small.
I think that being able to easily become healthy with Fake laugh is very valuable.


What is laughter yoga?

Topics also on TV and newspapers! Exercise to be healthy just by laughing! Laughter yoga!

“Laughter yoga” is an exercise that combines laughter and yoga breathing methods. By laughing, by incorporating a lot of oxygen into the body naturally, you can feel refreshed and refreshing both mentally and physically. It is an epoch-making exercise of “just laughing” that everyone can do immediately, not joking, humor, or comedy.

Regardless of age and sex, anyone can participate.

【Laughter Yoga Media Information】
Laughter is the key to healthiness./2017.1.7 Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Possibility of “Healthier people smile often”–According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the University of Tokyo and others are investigating.
It was published by Kanagawa Newspaper.


What you can expect from laughter yoga

Please refer to the Laughter Yoga University site.


3 minutes on foot from Tsunashima Station on Tokyu Toyoko Line
Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku Tsunashima West 1 – chome 9 – 7
Mori Building 3F Hikariya Culture Classroom
※ It is a building with a sign of “Ballet Soleil”. There is a wine restaurant on the first floor.
※ Because there is no elevator, thank you to the 3rd floor in the stairs.

Detailed map is here

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You Tube

・Laughter Yoga Japan Tado ‘s You can watch a basic exercise of Laughter yoga by You tubw. → Click

・It is a movie when laughter yoga was picked up on TV. → Click


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Laughter yoga University

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笑って元気! 楽しい笑いヨガ
奇跡の笑いヨガ仲間 (著)


Thank you for those who can put the leaflets.


・A state when the Kanagawa Newspaper came to interview in 2016

・Diwali in Yokohama 2016

・Diwali in Yokohama 2015
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